Is utopia achievable?

“Imagine” everyone living in peace, harmony and of the desired quality ………. 

“I’m a firm believer that there is enough food, manpower (effort), material goods, energy and technology to be able to produce all that we want and for us to ALL enjoy a good standard of living.  Of course, in order to achieve this man needs to exercise his intelligence, good will and efforts in a few key areas.


a) kerb the population growth until a steady population is maintained (2 to 2.3 children per family is the magic number), For more click here – and in particular the paragraph copied below….

“Total Fertility Rate (TFR)  

The total fertility rate is the average number of children that each woman will have during her lifetime. The TFR is an average because, of course, some women will have more, some fewer, and some no children at all.  Theoretically, when the TFR = 2, each pair of parents just replaces itself.  Actually it takes a TFR of 2.1 or 2.2 to replace each generation — this number is called the replacement rate — because some children will die before they grow up to have their own two children. In countries with low life expectancies, the replacement rate is even higher (2.2-3).”

b) maintain a steady state climate condition (see the rest of this article in the main page of this site).

c) and in order to achieve these 2 and the knock-on effects to other issues (as identified by many others; click her for examples – Website 1 and Website 2 ) educate all the world’s population. All of the points discussed above require, and certainly make it much more easily achievable, if the total population education level is elevated to a reasonably high level. Having achieved this high-level, people visualise the issues, understand the problems and start to generate their own solutions to achieving a high standard of living – they just need the education and the atmosphere in which to grow.  Read more here.

Food.  This issue is being tackled by many and I believe that it is possible to achieve, in conjunction with the zero population growth, a food production regime that is more than sufficient to maintain a good standard for all.  Refer to “How to Feed the World in 2050” and “This Tiny Country Feeds the World” articles for example.

Manpower.  We are already worrying about what will happen to the workforce when AI comes along and displaces many workers.  We’ve heard this before of course – demise of the horse & cart, the introduction of machinery and the introduction of computers.  Surely this means that there is enough manpower available to build this ‘utopia’ I outline above.  Then we have a number of countries with huge numbers of underutilised and unemployed people.  Hence, I make the conclusion that we have enough usable manpower provided it goes along with the raised education level.

Material goods. Raw materials are available in abundance and we keep finding more.  And we haven’t really started recovery and recycling seriously.  When we find that a particular technology requires a diminishing resource of a particular material we dream up and design a new way of achieving the same end goal.  For example, Nickel–cadmium and Lithium-ion vs Zinc-air batteries.  An increased education level and re-cycling is assumed to be a given of course.  Click here for an example.

Hence, I make the conclusion that we have enough raw materials available.

Energy. The article in this site shows that, whilst we have enough energy for the current growth rate, the objective is to divert the primary source of the energy from fossil fuels and nuclear to renewables. There is a huge quantity of incident energy from the sun that is available to us.  Ref “Solar FAQs” and chapter 10.  Bearing in mind that the technical advances have increased and product prices have reduced considerably since his article was written. Click here for further

Hence, I make the conclusion that we have enough green energy available to us currently and into the future.

Technology. We can perform any manner of engineering, biological and other feats that shows that we can, given the will, solve all the problems that crop up in the achievement of the above mentioned ‘utopia’.  This article in this web site highlights the issue of replacing fossil and nuclear fuels with renewable energy sources and proposes that the solution is possible and that it is in our hands.  Refer to the following as examples.

Article of Hydrogen as a transport fuel.

Eco power stations.


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