Put global warming and your preconceptions aside for the moment. This web site is about the addition of HEAT and WATER into the atmosphere. In quantities that make it over 500 times a bigger problem than Acid Rain (SO2) ever was. Didn’t know that? Neither did I.

We (the 7 billion of us) are collectively currently performing the following activity every year.
Fossil fuel diagram_Fuel.xlsx.pdf_page_1

Take a second to soak up the diagram – the problem really is that simple. We take fossil fuels (and nuclear fuel) from the earth and burn it so that we can use the energy.  But in doing that we have made NEW water, carbon dioxide and heat, or heat and radioactive waste in the case of nuclear, and ADD it to the atmosphere.

The magnitude of this activity is such that the whole world’s atmosphere is being altered.  For the boring sums that show these calculations refer to the Article on this site or go to any number of other references – you will finish up with the same answer – the magnitude is of global consequence.  That means altered weather patterns, altered climates, increased atmospheric temperatures, displaced coastal dwelling persons and a myriad of knock on effects.

What can you and I do about it?
Basically, anything that stops the combustion process in the above diagram. That is, get our heat energy from somewhere else – any eco-friendly source.

How do we do that?
Support only those big companies (let’s face it who else runs most countries) and policy makers who are in line with these scientific facts.  Many companies and some countries are already facing this head on and have projects underway to address the issue.  You can locate specific suggestions via the ‘Table of Contents’ Page.

It can be done.
We have the materials, the man power and the know how.  And momentum is building. What we lack is the political / business will to secure the future of the planet by making decisions that will move us away from fossil fuel use. Instead we have the few who believe that they would rather spend the money (probably vastly more money than is needed to stop global warming here on earth) and tame an inhospitable planet to make it habitable – for the elite few who can afford or are selected to go Mars?

Fossil fuel diagram_Ecofriendly.xlsx.pdf_page_1There is by far enough incident sun energy striking the planet to easily accommodate our needs and requirements – “If we only use land area (1.5 x 1014 m2) then we get about 5,000 times more solar energy than totalenergy used worldwide.”   Ref:

Future generations are dependent on us getting it right.
But I repeat – we have the know how.  We just need the will.

For more discussion and a view on the development of climate modeling see:

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